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   For an active girl like Thy Huynh, social networking is life and
volunteering is a joy.

Thy-Huynh is a very friendly and optimistic girl from Viet Nam. She graduated from University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2014 and currently volunteers as a sale assistant  for Ted Noffs Op-shop (a charity shop with donated clothes/items to help homeless kids suffering from drugs and alcohol) and is a PR/Social Media team member of Ozduhoc.


Australia is a multicultural country with beautiful coastal views and warm weather, attracting many people as a destination to live and study in. Thy was also impressed by this beauty of Australia and decided move to Sydney in July 2007. After nearly 8 years of living, studying and working on her own, she has become more self-confident and self-motivated to turn her ideas into action.

“Step by step, one goes far.” – Proverb

As many international students, she still had many troubles in organising and time-management to do her assignments efficiently, especially when it came to group assignments. Thy shares her experience: “Each group member might have time conflict with each other, you have to initiate appropriate time for team meeting in order to get the most out of it each time.”12113276_10205531441505497_1377245656985129283_o

Talking about her major, Thy shows her dedication and warm heart in helping people to become aware of their lifestyle risk factors or make them feel better when being hospitalized. “You learnt causes of common chronic diseases as well as how to prevent or manage them pharmacologically and holistically. Health is such a complex issue and you need to prevent factors contributed
to the illness rather than curing it when it becomes severe.” Additionally, at the end of the nursing course, students will be given opportunities to apply for new-graduate positions in mostly public hospitals. Here they are able to rotate around the wards that they are interested in. Work as a registered nurse requires lots of training session and helpful assistance from senior nurses.

 “It is worth taking risk because you never know your golden opportunity is right there waiting for you.” – Thy Huynh

Unfortunately, Thy did not get her dream position in hospital and that disappointed her for a while. However, from this she realized that nursing is an open career with positions available other than the hospital. Nurses are needed to care for patients with chronic diseases in the community or family practice. This fact motivated her to start to applying to other settings and fortunately got a job 6 months after graduation.

Thy found working as a practice nurse in a medical practice was quite different to how she was trained in hospital settings. “Comparing to hospital where you meet a variety of patients and provide them acute treatment, you do more health care plans and follow up with national vaccination guidelines for a more preventive health and chronic health management,” she said.

“Even though you fail once, “there is always a light at the end of the tunnel”, you will slowly find you way back as long as you aim to live right.”

– Thy Huynh

When studying in another country, especially Study in Australia, to fail a subject is a nightmare. Thy suffered a dark time when she failed one subject in her nursing course. “I realised how neglectful I was toward that subject. It was such a difficult subject in which I hate and I neglected to catch up or ask questions that I am not sure about towards friends or tutorial teacher”, she told.

Thy Huynh 4

Being an independent girl, she decided to not ask her mother to repay the subject. So, in her last semester she needed to take 5 subjects while going on clinical placement and working part-time on weekend to earn the tuition fee. She is very positive about everything: “I guess you just have to think positively and trust your own ability to overcome the most difficult time”.

A change is as good as a rest.

Thy probably has a reason to be optimist about being failed one subject because of clinical placement (which is compulsory to her degree) is where she found her best experience: “I was able to learn how to interact and assess your patients in real which will enhance your practical judgement based on theory you have learnt”, Thy excitedly recalled.

Thy Huynh 2

Thy was also enthusiastic to share her future plan which is to temporarily stop her nursing career and start a new degree after she is successfully granted with Permanent Resident here.

“This could sound odd but I learnt that you might have many interests but doing what you are really passionate about would lead to a more meaningful life because you effortlessly contribute what you have best” – Thy is very passionate with her new plan.

To prepare for this, she made a portfolio to submit her ideas and show her creative work on multi-media platforms. If her application is successful, Thy will start over again by doing a degree of fashion marketing because fashion was always her passion and the greatest inspiration in her life. Rather than drawing and sketching, she would love to work closely with designers and promote fashionable trends to fashion lovers. She also became a fashion retail assistant to learn about customer satisfaction and store merchandising.

Thy knows that some of the international students like her are trying their best to complete the degree which would gain them easier pathway to immigrate to Australia. From Thy’s experience, she advises: “You need to find a degree among the demanded list which is a likely relation to what you are interested in to prevent stressful and demotivated thoughts through the long run of a bachelor course.”

Thy Huynh 3

The last meaningful words Thy would love to send to students who are preparing to studying abroad are:

“You should never underestimate your true self and what you actually dream of. You will never discovered your real potential if you are afraid to change. Remember you can easily achieve anything if you have great will because “where there is a will, there is a way.”

– Thy Huynh


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