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Seema is an active girl who comes from United Arab Emirates (UAE). She arrived in Sydney to “learn hard and play as hard.” She came to Australia in 2009 and was doing a Bachelor of Digital Media, which has an excellent student service. Seema called herself a person of ‘celebration’.

She explained: “I like all kinds of celebrations such as birthdays, graduations and so on. Because I guess I just need any excuse to start a riot and party. But I strongly believe that’s how it should be.”

A balance between the good and bad, or else how boring would life be? What an interesting girl!


Australia is economical for education, or not?

According to Seema, Australia seemed to be good for her financial situation. It also has a developed educational system and its credit recognition is highly regarded.

Talking about her degree, Seema said that she had no regrets. The Digital Media course was very practical and interesting.


“I use what I learnt everyday at work now so I guess it was a good investment,” Seema expressed.

Seema did not hesitate to share her skills that she learnt from her course such as video editing, 3d animation and modelling, sound editing, photography, graphic design, branding, typography and history about filmography.

“If I am still in university, I would join this short film festival –“Film it and show it”


Working in Australia is a different story

5 years living and studying in Australia has taught Seema to think independently, be humble and be a self-made person. By meeting a lot of friends from different backgrounds, Seema also learnt to respect people from different races, cultures and religions more.

However, as many international students have suffered, Seema could not avoid a huge culture shock, experiencing different time zones and homesickness. No matter what happened, UNSW had a positive impact on its student by launching an awesome student service and psychology service. Besides, Seema also had a strong support network and system of good people who were always ready to help her.


“I learnt to work hard and party just as hard (and) meet amazing people from all walks of life”, Seema said.

After graduation, Seema has focused on getting her finances more stable and building up a brand name for herself in the working field.

However, she did not choose to work in Australia due to a seemingly horrible  job market. So she returned home to Dubai.

“I am working well now and am at a good place financially. I feel secured.” said Seema.

And so, she has become more professional and hard-working, sticking to plans. Seema will also love to improve her marketing background. But, of course, “There is no easy way to achieve your goals”, she said.


Seema is also very keen on doing volunteering. Some activities she did were:

1. Donating hair to Locks of Love (i.e. to people who had custom wigs made due to loss of hair from chemotherapy for cancer)
2. Keep it clean co-recycling and cleaning up the local beaches
3. Giving baths to local cats and dogs at a shelter near her house
4. Recently joined the “Volunteer in UAE” community and their many programs. She recently attended the marathon for handicapped people and also a sign language program

Volunteering has taught Seema a lot, as she said: “All in all I learnt that there is so much more I can do. I know I am busy but one must try to always give back. I learnt to appreciate people more. Be more patient and humble.”

If you could give an advice for international students what would it be?

“I think I have mentioned this before but always work hard but also party just as hard. Your life should be a celebration of you and never assume anything about any body. You have to give respect to get some.”


What would you say to inspire international students to get better in the future?

Hard work, hard work and hard work. Also bubble baths help.

Last modified: February 2, 2016

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