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What is VOIS?

VOIS Magazine was established with an idea to unite the voices of international students in Australia.

Our logo and name represents our vision and future dreams-to empower the voices of students and bridge the gap between students, businesses and government.

VOIS Magazine is an informative news source with means to provide interactive events and services meet the need of international students.
We aim to bring more relevant festivals and events for international students that will benefit them and breach the barriers which international students face such as inter-generational, inter-racial or communities

VOIS is a not-for-profit organisation with purposes to deliver services such as education news, migration, lifestyle, study and anything that would help students.

Raise your VOIS as your VOIS will be the one the whole world will listen to.

Website www.voismagazine.com.au

Instagram : https://instagram.com/vois_magazine/

WeChat Official Account: VOIS_Magazine

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To provide entertaining and relevant updates and events for International Students.




Youngtae Kim – Director.

He is an international student who is studying Engineering/Marketing. Youngtae saw that there has been a lack of communication channel for people. So, along with the others, VOIS has been founded. Youngtae would like to explore new things to try and push his limits (flying a plane would be a fun example).





Thi Tran

She graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and an Accounting and Human Resources background. She is a hard-working entrepreneur and is always trying to learn at least one new thing a day. Apart from that, photography and movie-watching are her hobbies. Her life goal is to go globe-trotting to explore different countries.





Jessica Tanzil – Graphic Designer.

She is an Industrial Design student from UNSW. Jessica loves painting and spending time to find her own inspiration.






Jon Manez – Videographer. 

He graduated from University of Western Sydney. Jon loves traveling, videography and photography. His goal is to become a film director.






Elisa Nguyen – Editor. 

Here’s someone who spends 70% of her time studying a double degree in Science/Arts at the University of Sydney, using 20% of it to read, write, dance hip-hop and dabble in many side hobbies. The other 10% is dedicated to being a human, with an extra 5% for staying up until 2 am most days.





Serena Dong – Writer. 

She calls herself Serena Dong and is trying to complete her Communications and Journalism degree at UNSW. She is probably sleeping right now, but if she is awake, she is snapchatting, exercising and/or eating. She’ll also be that girl on the beach with tomato sauce dribbling down her mouth from fish ‘n’ chips.





Anupriya Sharma – Writer.

Currently studying Master of Commerce at Macquarie University. She considers books her best friends and loves to read anything from articles to fiction to poetry.  She would love to learn six official languages of the United Nations and dreams of being a Finance Journalist, an investment banker and a Professor at different stages of her life.





Jasmine Yu- Writer.

She is currently studying Social Work at University of Sydney. Passionate about social justice and human rights, this hippie, geek-chic gal owns a wild ambition to travel worldwide, embrace cultural diversity and ensure a voice for minorities. She is a dreamer who lives life BIG, BOLD and OUT LOUD (also a shopper, accessory enthusiast and cocktail consumer).





Chi Tran – Writer.

As a UTS student, she is currently doing Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Relations). She is enthusiastic in reading and learning new things, especially about cultures and languages. Arts is a part of my life as well as travelling, photography and movies. Although being very clumsy, Chi always try her best in everything so that she will never regret anything. Enjoy the little thing and take failure as experience is how Chi keeps happy and optimistic.




Khanh Phan – Comic Artist.

She studies ar HCM University of Architect, majoring in Industrial Design. Her desire is to learn everything about Art and Design everyday and experience new things from the world. She loves animals and especially wants to be a vegetarian. Her hobbies include drawing, watching cartoons, ice hockey and has an interest in all things horror. The goal of her life is to be an animator and to protect the environment.





Thi MT Tran – Comic Artist.

She is currently attending Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington, USA for her transfer degree into a university in the US with the dream major of Marketing or HR Managing. She loves travelling and exploring new places and cultures – next destination: England.





Hellen Jie – Contributor, who graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications majoring in Journalism and Media Studies. She is into arts, cultures and languages, having learned 5 different languages in her lifetime (excluding English and Indonesian). She hopes to work in the media broadcasting industry, following in the footsteps of her role model, Anderson Cooper.





We would like to thank our other contributors from the beginning.

Without them, we would not have been where we are today.


Any future contributors are welcome to join us!

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