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How do you make money from your study notes?

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Some students do not know that attending all the lectures, all the tutorials and writing heaps of notes with tips and tricks for assignments or exams during the semester could help them to buy a flight ticket and pay for other expenses for their overseas or domestic trips during winter or summer break. Thousands of university and college students around Australia have been cashing out by selling and exchanging their lecture notes, exam notes, exam materials or tutorial notes from 35 dollars to more than 1200 dollars, depending on their quality through a few platforms.


In order to upload and sell your records, you need to register your personal details on the platform. Your notes could be in English or other languages, depending on the buyers’ interest, some students could receive between 160 to 220 dollars for a 1000 word note written in Chinese. So, being international students or students speaking more than two languages could help you to increase your notes financial value.HOMER

Note purchasers can also give a rating and rank your note’s quality, which you could use as a reference for the future. The higher the ranking, the more trusted and valuable your notes, as more students are willing to purchase or download your notes.

giphy (27)


Trading records does not mean selling your property or cheating; it is just another useful method of helping each other to study, as some students are unable to attend lectures because of unexpected circumstances. It is a good way that you can help others to have a glance at the subjects that other or prospective students are interested in or intend to enroll in for the next semester.This exchanging and selling are very popular among other universities around Australia, so you can easily find the notes that you want.

Here are some of the platforms where you can freely sell your notes and inject some pocket money directly into your bank account:

1/Sell Study Notes – Stuvia

2/Buy and sell great uni notes​ –StudentVIP Notes


3/Nexus Notes


giphy (20)

Study hard and receive HD’s and also unlimited dollar figures in your bank account.

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5 Study Hacks after the Easter Break

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Guess what? It’s week 5 of university. Mid-sem break is on the horizon for the most of us. But assignments are looming as well. Soon enough the burdensome work won’t be on our shoulders, but crash land on our head.

As humans, we cannot help but do exactly the opposite of what’s good for us. And that includes finishing work on time to reduce stress and anxiety. No matter how bad our study habits get, we never learn our lesson and end up pulling that all-nighter either way. And many of us do not realize the small things we do to ruin our study time or things we could do to improve it.

So here are various tips that tackle the the root of this issue.

1)Mental Preparation

This tip may seem to some, a bit of an over exaggeration, but keep in mind that this tip is for people who struggle with procrastination. This is how it works: As soon as you wake up, read through what you have allocated yourself to do. This can be during breakfast, train rides, before getting out of bed, or any time before starting the day. It can be a notification for an assessment, a to-do list, something marked on your calendar or questions to answer. Then throughout the day, keep giving yourself mental reminders about your tasks, set alarms on your phone, literally anything that will force you to remember it.

Say it out loud to yourself if you have to (well…not in public because that might be somewhat embarrassing). When you finally get home and actually sit down to complete your work, the reminders you gave yourself all day will help you stay focused, motivated and potentially more organised.

Now when you get home and settle down to get your work done, distractions would be the last thing you’d want to deal with. That takes us to topic number 2:

2)Dealing with distractions

Distractions are horrible. Let’s take your phone as an example. The electronic box of miracles that has Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Youtube.Its almost inevitable that you check it. So when you work you need to keep them out of sight, right? Not quite.


Some people need to completely cut out distractions, but it works differently for others. An opposite effect is created where their curiosity bites at them, urging them to look back at their phones. This is how it works: Every 20-25 minutes of solid work, give yourself a break to scroll through your phone for a few minutes. After all, when we get short term rewards, even if its 5 minutes of time with our phone, we’ll work rather than have long term rewards.

Along with this, there is a more definite technique to follow which is discussed in our next point:

3)The Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro means tomato is Italian. Also, if you use a tomato timer, it has a magical effect.

Pomodoro means tomato is Italian. Also, if you use a tomato timer, it has a magical effect.

The Pomodoro technique is a time management technique which requires the breakdown of time into intervals of 25 minutes with 5 – 10 minute breaks in between. This technique is effective as it gives you a good amount of time to focus on your work and a short break to rejuvenate you! But if you get too distracted by your phone, Youtube videos, music videos or anything that involves the excessive movement of pixels on your screen, you and electronics probably don’t go too well together (especially on short breaks). Try getting up to stretch, walk around or grab a snack from the fridge.

4)Best place to study: Home or Library?

This has been a universal debate for a while now. Which place is the best to study? Home or Library? (That rhymed)

The answer is that it depends on you as a person. First, lets look at both the environments and make sure we know exactly what they both hold.

A home environment means you have pretty much everything readily available. To name a few, you have unlimited coffee, food, pajamas and a bed for napping. On the other hand, i the library, its a little less confortable. The environment is more disciplined as you are there for one reason and one reason only: to study.

Some people work best at home because they find it mentally and physically comforting to work in the comfort of their own home. As for the other majority of people, they find it hard to concentrate. This is because the comfort of their house is in fact, a distraction. For eg, when we sit on bed to work but it just turns into a progression of sitting up, to laying down and eventually falling asleep.

Some people love working in the library. To those people, good job! Other people prefer to work at home where there’s coffee readily available, food in the fridge, pajamas and a bed for quick naps. Honestly, you cannot work in an environment that provides excessive comfort. First off, with the food you have, you’re at a risk of overeating while studying if you tend to comfort eat. As for your bed, you’ll just be tempted to sit there and work, because “comfort” means a progression from sitting up to laying down to instantly falling asleep.

200_s (1)


5)Group work

So it’s a Saturday afternoon and you want to work with a friend. So you call a friend. Let’s name him Bob. Bob is great! You both get along real well. He’s funny, he’s goofy, he sets the positive vibe, you two get along like Lee and Carter.

RUSH HOUR, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, 1998, (c)New Line Cinema/courtesy Everett Collection

That was a great movie though

The day finishes before you know it. You both say your goodbyes and leave. Later on when you look at your books, an impending feeling of doom stirs in your gut. You finished no work.

What does this story tell us? No. Not that you shouldn’t work with friends at all. It just means you need to work with someone who motivates you to work too. I mean Bob was great, but he was also distracting. If you know you won’t be studying with your partner-in-studying, then you might want to reconsider. This doesn’t mean you need to break it off with your friend! It just means you need to prioritize work over them sometimes.


These tips aren’t genies hidden in lamps, they don’t magically make your dreams come true! Life isn’t a Disney movie. If these tips don’t work, do what works for you! If it’s your thing, then it’s your thing. The only person who can make you work, is you! Don’t let anything stop you from working hard! Dominate and conquer like you must!

I know that it’s easier said than done. But trust me, there will always be times when you feel like a cat that can’t catch the red dot.



But stay strong and trust yourself with this, you can do it!

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Is Sydney too expensive?

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Oh gosh,  1AUD = 79,35 Nepalese Rupee = 16,184 VND = 81.22 Yen

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. So, how can you survive in Sydney over a 3 year-bachelor-degree or 1 year-postgraduate- degree or 3 year-high school-degree, when you are an international student relying on parents’ or just yourself for financial support?



If you are here in Sydney now- spending 450 AUD/week for a single room and facilities – consider seeking alternative options. There would be a cheaper one out there for you such as sharing houses or living in a home-stay accommodation.


For example: in the CBD Sydney, a single room is around 250 AUD or more. A shared room for two people can cost 170 AUD while for four people the rent can be 150 AUD. However, the price also depends on the location and the suburb chosen.


  • Go for a house inspection to see if all the necessary facilities are provided and speak to the tenants. You may decide if your personality fits your prospective housemates
  • “He kicked me out of the house around 1:00 am in the morning and denied to return my bond. I can’t do anything because we didn’t sign any contracts” one student said. Before signing the contract for a shared house, be sure to carefully read through the terms – especially for returning bonds and lease period sections

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to trade off your health and security. Please dial triple 000 for any emergency situation or contact us for further advice and assistance.

Food Shopping

Despite surrounding by famous beaches and harbors, having a seafood meal is pretty much a middle-class lifestyle. As being students, a limited budget doesn’t allow us to overspend for exclusive food. But, we can’t starve to death.

Knowing the base price of the food is a good idea for you to make a plan and to choose where and what to buy. In order to have a good knowledge the price, spend around 5-10 minutes of your time searching for online  prices or ask your friends before creating a shopping list.

Drumsticks might cost around 2.99 AUD/kg to 5 AUD/kg in butcher stores. In the supermarkets, it may be a bit pricier. 500-gram minced cost around 3 AUD to 5 AUD in Coles, 5 AUD plus in Woolworths or 4 AUD in Aldi.

“Chicken in Australia is pretty cheap so I usually buy around 6-7 chicken drumsticks for a whole week meal, one drumstick with a bowl of soup and rice a day.”



  • Store and freeze your food. However, don’t refreeze it again to avoid food poisoning
  • Take note of the label on the product, its ‘used by date’ or ‘best before’ date
  • Check out the supermarkets’ brochures for the week before heading to the shop. Supermarkets always give you a special discount such as buy 2 cans of milk for 5AUD (4AUD/each) or 10kg of brown rice for 10AUD (3.5AUD for 2 kg).  Buying in bulk and sharing the cost with your housemates/roommates is always the best option in this case.
  • Don’t forget to check out supermarket’s brochures for the week before heading to the shop (avoid junk food)
  • 10298945_878599485488968_928129309589874404_n

“Living together with another 3 girls in a room, we always cook dinner and lunch together. Since we all have different backgrounds, it’s fun to try different cuisine dishes from the girls every time and It’s pretty cheap.”

So cooking from scratch like our grandparents used to do, you find much cheaper and healthier than buying processed and canned food.


“I am vegetarian, so potatoes, broccoli and carrots are enough for my body to function a whole semester”.

The ground floor of Haymarket is the place for you. Here you will find fresh produce such as potatoes and pumpkins as well as fruits. You can store these in the fridge for longer than leafy green salads.

Watch the clock and stick to your shopping list! 



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10+ Cheap and Unique Idea Christmas Gifts for Your Girl

Written by Student Life, Tips & Tricks

Spending months, days and hours to find the best Christmas Gifts for your girlfriend? How about getting something  that you can financially afford and is unique to your girl? Win her heart and smile with your kindness and caring. Let’s see which one of these suits her.

Infuser Water Bottle

For a health-diet lover: Your girl always puts a slice of lemon, lime, apple or orange into a bottle of water to help cleanse the fats and toxins from the body. With this bottle she can put in as many fruits as she wants without it overfilling.

Chocolate Fondue

For a chocolate lover: One way to win her heart is to feed her with the right sweet…preferably chocolate. Chocolate Fondue lets you share a bowl of hot chocolate dip with strawberries, fruits or marshmallows one romantic evening at home, or even during camping night. Nothing’s worth more than spending time with your loved one during the weekend.

Sponge pot

For a plant-lovers: The sponge pot helps to prolong the life expectancy of your favourite plants. The sponge gives more moisture and encourages its hydration process in the plants. Your love can carry the pot anywhere in the house – next to the bathtub, on the sink or on her side table.

Bunny Tail Cotton Ball Dispenser

For a pet-lover:  A cotton ball dispenser is the tail of a dangerously cute white bunny. She’ll love this perfectly adorable addition to her make-up table.

Brownie BAR Maker

For a sweet tooth girl: She always spends her free time baking sweets for you or even for her online customers. To show your support, the bar maker bakes 6 brownies in a short 5-8 minutes. So, she can spend more time with you, rather than 1-2 hours of baking

Aromatherapy Diffuser or Ceramic kettle stove oven oil warmer

For a busy bee: Your girl is a hard-working entrepreneur, workaholic or diligent student. A majority of her day is spent in front of the screen, maybe leading to some health and sleep problems. Using aromatherapy diffusers will create a stress-free zone, helping her mind and body relax so she is energised for the next day.

Ooma Bowl

For a tidy lady: Your baby wants everything to be neat and tidy, especially with food. Maybe she crawls onto the couch holding two separate bowls of chips and dips (and there’s a high chance she might drop both). Ooma Bowl has a smart design, allowing her wrist to rest in a comfortable and neutral position, and can totally change her dining experience. She would be impressed to receive it on Christmas. So, finally, you can win her this time.


For a cute girl: Don’t think the balloon is only for kids or teenage girls, it’s for everyone. Balloons can bring her back to childhood with nostalgic and sweet memories. Get a bunch of colorful balloons and learn simple tricks to decorate it (putting candies inside, water or touched up with art). It might be a basic step but can win a big heart.

Cat tights

For a cat lover: Why not help her carry the cat everywhere – shopping malls, around campus or in coffee shops? Your girl can wear it with high heels, boots or sneakers without any hesitation.

Case Covers


For a phone-cover collector: You’ve noticed that your girl has a weird habit of buying covers for phones, laptops or even a passport. Why not show her your skill of getting one she like? She’ll uncover her heart for you.

Ring holder

For a ring-collecting girlfriend: Sometimes girls buy lots of jewelry, particularly bracelets and rings. Some have never worn all of them or they’ve lost them somewhere. Chances for a ring to slip off her finger are so easy, especially when she sleeps, takes a shower or washes the dishes. Help her keep those little gorgeous rings in place, she would be touched if you give her a cute and artist one.

Snack notebook

For a writing lover:  High-tech devices are replacing our normal way of writing? Not really. Your girl particularly loves taking notes in her little notebook about things around her or spends time writing in a diary before heading to a bed. Well, why not buy another notebook with a funny or interesting cover for her? Girls appreciate their loved ones noticing these little details.


Good luck!

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16 Funny Pics of uni life in Australia

Written by Entertainment, Student Life

1. Part-time lecturer, part-time baby sitter

2. Somehow, Harry Potter’s friend studies at USYD

3. Let’s build a snowman, Frozen after-effect 

4. Someone has a tough night  before the exam

5. My only Blanket

6. A Bromance in lecture

7. Nothing to beat with the wind and rain in Sydney

8. Another method to pay for his institution fee

9. We’re proud of being a UNSW-er

10. The master of cheating 

11. Practice makes perfect

12.  A panda and possum at UOW 

13. Life won’t be tough with a bottle of Hennessy

14. A portable kitchen in a student’s lab

15. One way to save on the electricity bill

16. Last but not least,

We have to learn to be patient while studying at uni

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Ice-cream: What’s the flavor of your personality?

Written by Student Life


Which one is your favorite? Chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip or vanilla? Do you know what ice-cream flavors can say about your personality? In order to test the theory, take your date or your lovely family member to an ice-cream shop and you will see which flavor they’ll choose and why that one among thousands. 


Chocolate Ice-cream:

Charming and sexy are the most two common values in the inner-you,
so you are always surrounded by friends.
You are a committed and responsible person in every aspect.
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream:
You truly seek perfection, and no one can compete with that.
You are also a faithful, lovely and harmonious person.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice-cream:
You are a very independent, generous and competent person.
Whenever there is any problem, you always deal with it in a calm and professional manner.
You have the potential to become an inspirational leader.
Vanilla Ice-cream:
You are an easy-going, classical, day-dreamer type.
But once you are passionate about something,
you will do it – maybe without even thinking about the pros or cons of your actions.

Strawberry Ice-cream:

People always call you “sweetie” or “sweetheart” because being sweet is your natural state.
You are very loyal, kind and well-behaved.
You always strive for harmony and provide support for your family and surrounding people.
Cotton candy Ice-ream:
You are an adventurous person, who loves exploring and trying different things in the world.
But it doesn’t hide the fact that sometimes your inner-child can burst forth.

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Easy Chinese recipe: Red-Braised Pork (Chinese Hong Shao Rou)

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Did you know?

Red-braised pork is a dish that in Hunan is inseparably bound up with the memory of Chairman Mao: many restaurants call it “The Mao Family’s red-braised pork.” Mao Zedong loved it, and insisted his Hunanese chefs cook it for him in Beijing!

Hong Shao Rou—Chinese style red braised pork belly. Hong Zhao or red-braising or red-cooking are methods of cooking meats or vegetables with soy sauce, sugar and sometimes other spices. It’s a powerful concoction, best eaten with plain steamed rice and simple stir-fried vegetables; the sweet, aromatic chunks of meat are irresistible. This recipe is from Jeno, a Chinese student from Monash University in Melbourne. “The savory-sweet combination just seduces your taste buds,”, she commented with excitement. “It is a part of my sweetest childhood memories–I learned it from my mum.”



Your Red-Braised Pork is Waiting


  • 3 /4 lb. of lean pork belly (cut into 3/4-inch thick pieces)
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (rock sugar is preferred if you have it)
  • 3 tablespoons Shaoxing wine
  • 1 tablespoon light soy sauce
  • ½ tablespoon dark soy sauce
  • 2 cups warm water

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.58.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.57.53 PM

1/ Start by cutting your pork into pieces. Then bring a pot of water to a boil. Blanch the pork for a couple minutes. This gets rid of impurities and starts the cooking process. Take the pork out of the pot and set aside.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.03.27 PM

2/ Over low heat, add oil and sugar to your wok. Melt the sugar slightly and add the pork. Raise the heat to medium and cook until the pork is lightly browned. Turn the heat back down to low and add cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and warm water.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.04.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.07.55 PM

3/ Put the sugar* in another pot to stir fry until all the sugar melts and you can see large bubbles. Keep stirring in the process and add cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce. Turn off the fire and add warm water to make the sauce*.  Pour the caramelized sugar sauce into the pot. This is another way to cook the meat beautifully!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.18.18 PM


4/ Cover and simmer for about 45 minutes to 1 hour until pork is fork tender. Every 5-10 minutes, stir to prevent burning and add more water if it gets too dry. Turn up the fire to thicken the sauce. 

5/ Here we are! Garnish some chopped green onion and serve hot!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.21.02 PM



  • If you are using brown sugar it is perfect for an amazing caramelized color.
  • Be careful when you pour hot water on the sugar sauce, but you need to pour all the water at once, quickly without hesitation.
  • It’s imperative to the color and flavor of this dish that you have both kinds of soy sauce! Just head to your local Asian market, buy a bottle of each, and it will last you a year!

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18 Secrets only 90s Kids from Japan and Malysia Know

Written by Student Life, Tips & Tricks

if I am a Japanese kid from 90s:

I would never grow up without Doraemon:1

Or Ninia Boys:2

And  Pokemon:


After dinner, my favourite cartoon was Kimba, a little lion tries to break barrier between human and living wildlife:


Magical Girl was my dream for a birthday present or a Christmas gift:


I bought lots of different stickers, roller stamps and temporary tattoos, but I have never used them all:


I skipped my class and sneaked in a computer game shop for this Boong-ga boongga game:



If I am a Malaysian kid from 90s:

I always waited eagerly for getting a Roti-ice cream from an ice-cream man, under the heat weather:27

I had never shared Mamee Monster to anyone in the class because of its tasty:


I collected lots of tiny toys inside these chocolate boxes, just only RM 0.50:


My mom always bought Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy for me after my piano class; a moment when dipping your chocolate coated spoon in the pot of multi-colored rice was insane:


Eyes-glass chocolate candy transformed me into a superhero:


Do I still remember the Nano song?:


I could finish one stack in 10 minutes:


It took me ages to decide which flavours I want to get:19

I tried to avoid the stones landing on my face while throwing it up high. Batu Seremban


No one could compete with me in this battle as an eraser collection of international flags was my proud:

15Source:  Amulet Forums

I practiced typing through Mario Teaches Typing program in primary school:


Source:  Reddit

Dash Yonkuro:11

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