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7 Heart-Touching Moments At Rio Olympics 2016

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This year’s Olympics, like every other, has been beautiful and significant. However, this time, it has hit many amazing milestones that show the world’s desire for unity and peace. Many instances have made historic achievements, fought against stereotypes and inspired all of us to push harder and reach the goals we want to achieve. With Rio now over, let’s look back at 7 instances which had touched the hearts of people world-wide.


1/ The first Hijabi to represent USA
Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first female athlete to represent the USA while wearing the hijab, a traditional Islamic garment. Muhammad has battled many cases of Islamaphobia in her daily life. However, she did not want such things to get her side tracked and lose hope in diversity, stating that she wants her team to be “as diverse as the community I grew up in.”

IbtihajNot only did she compete in the Olympics but she is also a part of a progressive movement that addresses a sensitive issue: Islamaphobia. She may not have won gold (she won bronze), but she has made Olympic history and won the hearts of a million.

2/ Unity in diversity 

In a display of Olympic sportsmanship, this picture shows two women, clad in two different attires, playing the same sports in the same field and with the same level of hard work and determination. They have different values, yet their value is measured by their will and spirit. This picture has become one of many iconic images of the Olympics, and that shows the symbol of unity everyone wishes to have in the Olympics.

2 cultures same achievement

3/ Winning Gold
When it comes to wishing to compete in the Olympics, it is a massive burden to reach Olympic state level and represent your country. However, one promising swimmer makes it look so easy. Joseph Schooling, met his idol, Micheal Phelps when he was only thirteen.

Little Schooling

Little Schooling

That day must have been fantastic for him back then, but not as amazing as the day he beat the idol himself. Schooling took first place with a Games record of 50.39 seconds while Phelps scored 51.14 seconds.

Annnd upgrade!

Annnd upgrade! It was Singapore’s first gold medal!

Getting inspired by your idol to work hard is cool, but winning gold against them is just another level of amazing.

4/ Sportsmanship between North and South Korean athletes
Despite the controversial history North and South Koreans , Gymnasts Lee Eun-Ju and Hong Un-jong did not let it get in the way of an adorable friendship.

Another incident was when the North Korean competitive shooter, Kim Song Guk, who won bronze said something that caught the hearts of millions. After South Koreas Jin Jong Oh had won gold, he said, “If the two (Koreas) become one, we could have a bigger medal”. “If both the gold and bronze medals came from one Korea, it could have been a much greater win.” A perfect example that politics should not divide people. This is another example of the united spirit of the Olympics.


5/ Saudi Arabia’s first female athlete to compete

Kariman Abuljadayel is the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete in the 100m track field in the Olympics, creating history for the Middle Eastern world.


Many have praised the lady for the effort she put in and for aiding breakthroughs in stereotypes surrounding women in Saudi Arabia.

6/ Egypt’s first woman to stand on the podium

Sara Ahmed has also made Olympic history as the first Arab woman to win a medal in weightlifting and for being the first Egyptian woman on the rostrum. The 18 year old won bronze in the woman’s  69-kilogram weight class by lifting a combined weight of 225 kilograms.

gurl power

Ahmed is another inspiration to women all around the world, competing in her hijab and unitard, winning bronze and a spot in Olympic history wearing her religious identity proudly. Moreover, like Muhammad, she is a part of a progressive movement that fights against Islamophobia.

7/ The first-ever Refugee team

“Being a refugee does not mean you are not a human being.”

– Rose Nathike Lokonyen

For the first time, in the Olympics, there was a refugee team on the list. With the increasing political unrest around the world, this team is a symbol of hope for those who have fled home in order to save themselves. The members each have an inspiring story to share about their determination for survival from their dire circumstances. This comes to show that everyone just desires to live and wish to have a place to call home.


The crowd gave the 10 member Olympic refugee team a standing ovation as they marched into the Maracana Stadium for their first time. Regardless of whether they won a medal or not, they won the fight of their lives. And that, is simply amazing.

refugee team

The team consists of Yusra Mardini, Popole Misenga, Yonas Kinde, Rami Anis, Yolande Bukasa Masika, Yiech Pur Biel, Paulo Amotun Lokoro, James Chiengjiek, Anjelina Nadai Lohalith, Rose Nathike Lokonyen

Congratulations to all participating countries. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more amazing moments to come!

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What types of food do Olympians eat?

Written by Health

It’s now a couple of weeks into semester and you might be running low on energy. With Rio 2016 done, here’s a list of food items inspired by the athletes.

For the elite athletics, food is just more than a form of art, but a source of energy. It boosts performance and maintains an active and focused mindset for days intense training sessions and exhausted games. Thus, a typical Olympian requires more than 3 prominent meals a day with an extra post-workout snack after training.

DWAYNE JOHNSON – THE ROCK is an extreme eater consuming more than 15000 kcals a day for 150 days

HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 22: Actor Dwayne Johnson arrives at the "Faster" Los Angeles Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on November 22, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

HOLLYWOOD – NOVEMBER 22: Actor Dwayne Johnson arrives at the “Faster” Los Angeles Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on November 22, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Black beans or any types of beans

Damaris Phillip's Coconut Lime Black Beans for Taco Tuesday as seen on Food Network's Southern At Heart

Damaris Phillip’s Coconut Lime Black Beans for Taco Tuesday as seen on Food Network’s Southern At Heart

Similar to almond, it is the highest nutritionist and vibe for the body, which keeps the athletes feeling fuller for longer.

Almond or peanut butter


According to an American journal of clinical nutrition, almond contains 20% fewer calories than other food but have the same amount of energy and protein as well as micronutrients to meet the requirement. This allows the athletes to avoid losing power or skipping meals and to prevent being dehydrated.



Water is an essential element in the body as 70% of the body is water. Water keeps the body hydrated and flushes any toxins from the inner system.

Green tea

aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that aids weight loss, a higher metabolic rate for the body and physical performance enhancement. This is done by mobilising fatty acids from fat tissues. The caffeine in tea also increases the concentration of neurotransmitters and other neurons to increase concentration and help memory.



Salmon contains Omega 3s and fatty acids to regulate the heart rhythm. It frees any blockages in arteries, avoiding heart-related diseases as well as obesity.

Greek Yogurt


Delicious Greek yogurt is an ideal post-workout indulgence for the athletes. Yogurt replenishes glycogen stores and provides protein for the small tears incurred in muscles during training sessions. Greek yogurt has high protein and low sugar level which keeps energy levels high during grueling workouts.


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.49.15 AM

Eating eggs can give an additional benefit in weight management. Egg yolk is a source of vitamins and minerals such as zinc. Without an adequate amount of zinc, it may leave you feeling sluggish, decrease your immune function and delay healing.



Oatmeal brings a spike of energy levels giving the body sufficient and long-term fuel, helping the athlete to maintain peak performance and concentration.

However, Olympic athletes all have their cheat day as any other human.



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