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Time to break the taboo – World Mental Health Day

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                                                              “Mental Health begins with me”


Mental illness is a real thing. It exists. Unfortunately, most people pretend like it doesn’t. A stigma has been created by society surrounding this topic. But what’s most bizarre is that society suffers such illnesses yet the non-acceptance of it comes from society itself. The world seemingly creates its own problems and taboos.


But why do taboos exist? Let’s break this down:

When someone has a mental illness, it means there is a problem in the brain or psychological system. With that being said, everyone assumes that if something is wrong with your brain, it means you are not in control of yourself and that is viewed as a lack of discipline or lack of control of self, which is ultimately viewed as a weakness.

Our brain is an organ, just as our heart or liver is one. If something is wrong with any other organ of your body, you get it treated. The same goes for your brain. Mental illness is an issue with your health, NOT a part of your identity. It is something that requires assistance and there is no shame in reaching out for help.

With that being said, World Mental Health Day is of 10th of October, which focuses on education of mental health, tackling the stigma around it. This day encourages people to take a step looking after their own mental health and well being which they deserve.

You can do this by making a promise to yourself that breaks down the steps in taking care of yourself. You can post this post this promise on the promise wall, social media or just to yourself.

Not the only oneThis promise is yours and yours alone, and you’re doing this for yourself and no one else. These are small goals you set for your general mental wellness all in the way, you can reach out for help or try to improve yourself. Its the small steps that matter when walking towards the bigger picture which is your life. So set those goals, have faith in yourself, help yourself, love yourself and give yourself all that you deserve.

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Notre Dame gets creative for Art Week

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Having low moments and experiencing negative feelings is not uncommon. But it’s the expression of those thoughts that will always help. This is what the University of Notre Dame aims to do this week.


From Monday (2/5/16) to Friday (6/5/16), the university is holding Art Week to raise awareness of student mental well-being through creativity. Notre Dame students will showcase their talents in acts that they have worked to bring to you. They range from performance arts to stand-up comedy. During this colourful week you will also get a chance to:

  • Chat to counselors to learn more about mental health and other issues
  • Eat at the BBQ which will be running every day (all proceeds go to charities who are also involved in promoting mental health)
  • Watch student-produced films at Notre Dame’s cinema screening
  • Wander Artist’s Alley and examine student artworks, talk to the artists themselves and create your own masterpiece
  • Participate in short workshops that will introduce you to the basic concepts of art and other fields of creativity
  • Get up close and personal with Notre Dame’s animal farm on Thursday (5/5/16)
  • See what more the university has to offer by saying hello to other clubs and societies at various tents

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Each day will begin at 11:30 am and end at 2:00 pm (daily Mass will occur from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm). This is a great event if you are interested in different forms of creativity, want to perform and support others performing or just want to have an enjoyable time (or everything above!)

Every year most universities dedicate a week to bring together their students. What unites us is our passion, inspirations and hard work. So come down if you’re free and join the University of Notre Dame students in raising awareness of mental health concerns. See you there and have a great week!


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A Mental Health Illness: How to overcome?

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Everyone has those days when they’re feeling a bit blue, anxious, or irritable. But when those feelings start changing the way you see things or disrupt your ability to carry out daily activities, seeking help might be what you need.

Mental health problems are not uncommon. In Australia, approximately one in four young people experiences a mental health illness each year. These might stem from anywhere – study and work issues, strained relationships, problems with socialising, financial issues and more.

Unfortunately, unhelpful stigmatisation still sticks. Some people might dismiss the idea of looking for help, and even tell persons with mental health problems to just “move on”, “suck it up”, or “get over it”. However, the earlier you obtain help, the better it is for your well-being. There should be no shame in reaching out and trying to get better.

Talking to the people who are close to you (friends or family) can support your journey towards solving these problems. However, as an international student, these people might not always be readily available. Nevertheless, HELP is always provided in Australia. Here are some ways in which you can get professional yet affordable well-being services.

Your Institution’s Counselling and Psychological Service

Most education institutions provide free and confidential individual counselling on campus. Not only do they offer consultation on personal problems, but also they give out tips on academic productivity. Booking an appointment is recommended as the centres are usually busy! Their websites may also have online resources and self-help information that you can refer to.

Support Services and Helplines

National helplines such as beyond blue, headspace and Mindspot provide their services in various ways – you may give them a call, send them an email or even chat online. Other than providing direct help and referrals, they are also packed with information kits that are tailored to meet the needs of people with different backgrounds and issues.


For a more extensive treatment, your institution’s counsellor or the help lines might refer you to a GP or psychologist. Your Overseas Health Student Cover (OSHC) can cover some or even all of your expenses. Talk to your OSHC provider to find out more about the details: your entitlements, possible waiting period, and more.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, you may call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14or Suicide Call Back on 1300 659 467. If in immediate danger or emergency, please call 000.

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