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Study in Australia: Hellen Indrawan Jie

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Hellen is active and sociable Indonesian girl who has graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, majoring in Journalism. She experienced her high school life in Singapore but decided to move to Australia for a university. In 2012, after Hellen finished high school, she moved to Australia for new experiences.

Being asked about her passion for Journalism, Hellen said she was inspired by her role model: Anderson Cooper. Talking about it, she told me that one time, she read a book written by him, where he documented his experience in war zones: “I got inspired, so I thought I would give it a go,” Hellen said.


Journalism, according to Hellen, “was assignments-focused” so she did not really have to study regularly. Anyone who is interested in studying Journalism, especially in UTS, can take a look at Hellen’s shared information:

  • “UTS Journalism was interesting because they wanted me to have practical experiences.”
  • We were not taught to write properly but we were motivated to go out there and talk to people, find issues and write them”.
  • “I have heard from friends doing journalism in other universities, and they didn’t have much of this journalism experience outside.”
  • “UTS really motivated us to get our stories published, like building a portfolio. So your assignments became your portfolio!”

Hellen was interested in gaining practical experiences in the industry, so she focused more on internships and volunteering work. Most of her volunteer experiences were in the arts and event industries and she started doing them during her time at university.


Once, Hellen volunteered for a Korean Film Festival as an usher. The program ran only for a month, but she was able to gain insight into event management. Her purpose was: “I would like to work as a journalist and communication skills are important.” And what she learned was precious: people skills and how to communicate efficiently.

Currently, Hellen is volunteering for an Indonesian tabloid, managing their social media, and is also a radio broadcaster for an Indonesian community radio.

What was your best experience at university?

“Joining the Indonesian students society!”, Hellen said. From there, she got to meet people from her country and undoubtedly, everyone would be very passionate to share the culture to UTS community.

So, if she had a chance to go back to university time, you might see a more active Hellen joining different clubs to meet different people and, of course, a more hard-working student.

What are the differences between study in Australia and Singapore?

“I became a lot more critical!” Hellen expressed. Since Singapore is similar to other Asian countries, all Hellen did was memorization. Whereas in Australia, in a Western-style classroom, she became a lot more critical and bravely shared her opinion: “When I have my own opinion, I would say it out loud,” Hellen said.


Sometimes, everyone cannot avoid their hard times. At one point, Hellen felt like giving up on the major and swapping to something else. But, she kept reminding herself that at journalism was something she “has always wanted to do”. She held her head up and achieved her goal.

What are your new goals?

After graduated from UTS, Hellen has been looking for a full-time job and she hopes to be in the industry soon.

“I am very diligent looking for jobs and applying to all sorts of available ones.”

Interested in learning about consumer behavior, Hellen is thinking about taking a Master degree in Marketing. Hellen also revealed that she is taking social media courses related to media at the moment.


What would you say to inspire international students to get better in the future?

“Just take chances whenever you could.” – said Hellen

If you could give an advice for international students, what would it be?

“Learn and gain as much experience as possible while you are here in Australia. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an internship and volunteer works or even jobs in retail.”

“Don’t give up.”

– Hellen Indrawan Jie

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