Yes and No with a Dishwasher

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When I first came to Australia and lived with an Australian host family, there is one thing that I have only heard and seen the American movies. The dishwasher. Honestly, I don’t know to use it. What can or can I not put in? Here’s a list of things that can save your dishwasher and other kitchen utensils from improper use. 

Never put these in:

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1/ Chopping boards, cutlery or cooking tools made of wood/bamboo

The hot water and dry cycle of the dishwasher will cause the wood to swell and crack. Scrub your wooden utensils and chopping boards with a mixture of bleach and cold water to kill the bacteria. 

2/ Kitchen and steak knives
Dishwasher detergent is very abrasive on the sharp edge. During a cycle of washing, they might bang to each other to cause scratches and nicks on the blade. Just quickly hand wash it and put it on the rack to dry (it will take only 2 minutes or less)

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3/ Plastic containers or utensils
Heat from the hot water and the dry cycle can possibly warp your plastic bottles out of shape. Moreover, it’s quite expensive to pay for plastic containers in Australia.

4/ Any labelled bottles or jars
The dishwashing detergent can pull off any labels on your bottles or jars. This little rubbish might clog your drain during its disposal flow. You might ignore this small thing but the trash can build up. In the end, you might have to call and pay a technician to repair your dishwasher.

5/ Disposable Aluminum

This just might be the biggest never of the list. A dishwasher works like cookware, such as a microwave. What happens if you put disposable aluminium in there? Black marks. Yes, it leaves black marks.

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 Put these in at your-own-risk:

1/ Nonstick pots or pans
The surface of some nonstick pans or pots might be damaged as it bangs on others during the washing process. You may risk its nonstick quality in the long term. 

2/ Vintage Plates/ Bowls/ Mugs
Hot water, water pressure and detergents can eat away its hand-painted decorated details. A majority of these are quite expensive to repurchase.

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3/ Cheese Grater
You might find your cheese still stuck in the holes after finishing its washing cycle. So don’t waste time with the dishwasher, since you have to hand-wash it later on. Simply hand washing it with soap. Easy and Quick!
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Finally, I have decided to follow my mum and the traditional style…handwash!! If your skin is sensitive, please remember to wear gloves when washing and dry your hands immediately once you finish. You don’t want to spend heaps of money to buy expensive hand lotion or to visit your PG.

Last modified: May 5, 2016

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