The Perfect Gift For Her on Valentine’s Day

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Desperately in need of gift ideas for the 14th? While I can’t imagine how buying gifts for females is difficult, here is a guide to finding the perfect gift for your other half. Before getting into the specifics, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the five types of females out there:

1. The Practical

She expects gifts that are of use for her life, something she lacks and could really use to make life easier or a.k.a a need. Generally these girls are thankful for the new necklace you bought her for the third time in a row but they will be over the moon when they see you bought a new vacuum or phone case to replace their broken one.


2. The Materialistic

The opposite of practical, she prefers gifts from Louis Vuitton or online boutiques to satisfy her desire to possess items just for her indulgence. Hopefully you have a big wallet for this girlfriend because you’ll be burning your money faster than you know it. But your girl is worth it.


3. The Modest

She is considerate about the money aspect that goes into your gifts as opposed to the want or the need part. Gifts worth 200+ dollars aren’t her thing. Sometimes those gifts make her feel guilty and like she may need to return the favour. Girls like these will set a reasonable prince range for gift spending to be fair to both parties. At least with a girlfriend like this, you can have a peace of mind with the money in your wallet.


4. The Satisfied

If you have a girlfriend like this, make sure you keep her. She does not care if your gift is a necessity, a desirable item, an expensive luxury or even nothing at all (although it’s best to still give something from the heart). They are content with anything and even if they aren’t, they won’t show it. This may come as a disadvantage however because you could be doing something wrong but you won’t be able to tell.

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5. The Picky

Beware, this type of girlfriend is the hardest to deal with, for she is hella particular in what you get her. You get her a Samsung microwave but she actually wants a Bosch. You buy her a Chanel hand purse but she really wants Dior. You present her roses when she actually wants lilies. Keep your receipts because you will find yourself heading back to stores returning items to make sure she receives that particular gift she requests. It will require attention to her as a person and while it sounds tedious, hopefully it will pay off at the end. Could you classify your girl under one of those categories? It might be tricky because girls are often a mixture of a few. Some broad ideas for gifts include…

– Large bouquets of flowers (make sure she doesn’t have asthma or allergies)

– Hand-written letters or cards


– Small gestures that show you care

– Necessities eg: buying groceries for her empty fridge, doing a full scrub of her house or buying a parking spot to save her the hassle or finding a car space at work

– Romantic Dinner (and maybe something special after if you know what I mean)


– An item she has been dying to buy

-DIY calendar, scrapbook or craftwork (Pinterest has amazing ideas for reference)


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– Secretly surprise her with decorations in her room of candles, balloons and rose petals

In the end, Valentine’s Day is about loving each other and not all about the gifts. Don’t forget to love your partner every second of any other day, not just February 14th.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by MIT

by MIT

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Last modified: February 12, 2016

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