Sweet Treats for Winter in Sydney?

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It might be ‘common’ that some of your friends do not like chocolate, but for sure they would never say no to any sugary and yummy desserts. Sydney is getting colder and colder, wrapping yourself in a cosy bed with heaps of thermo layers is the best idea ever to avoid the night cold. However, you should think twice when seeing some of the mouth-watering sweet treats posted on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat by your friends on a Friday night out.


It is the hardest job ever researching and selecting the yummiest dessert places in Sydney. However, I can finally share a few of my favourite ones, where you can chit-chat and enjoy the sweet- affairs:

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Doughnuts @ Doughnut time

Coming all the way from Brisbane, all of the doughnuts are cute overloaded with a decent, colourful and creative modern look. No matter how much I am afraid of gaining weight, the temptation just keeps you returning time and time again.

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Watermelon cake @ Black Star Pastry

A light, soft and creamy slice of watermelon cake with a rose essence at Black Star Pastry is the reason why people keep travelling back and forward to one of the most livable, young and energetic towns in Sydney, Newtown. You can grab a cup of hot chocolate or tea to balance its taste.


Matcha Crossaint @ Topimpressionbakery

Top Impression Bakery is located in Wolli Creek, just outside the train station. This new establishment has lots of interesting pastries such as apple and rhubarb danishes or salted caramel croissants. The Matcha Crossaint is the top seller as well as my favourite!! It has a crispy outer and a strong matcha custard. I end up with lots of tissues on the table just to finish one matcha, because of the yummy runny custard.

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Chocolate Truffle @The Choc Pot

Right in the centre of Sydney, a well-deserved queue is common at the Choc Pot. The Secret Garden, rich dark chocolate layers, fluffy white chocolate, crispy goodness on the top, is a taste of heaven. The signature Choc Pot and Mr Souff are rich, chocolaty and moist with salted caramel and ice-cream on the side. You should also get a pot of tea to elevate and balance its sweetness.

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@KOI Dessert Bar

A busy and beautiful alley in Chippendale, next to the Central Park building, called Spice Alley, you can find a modern sculpture-looking and delicious sweet treat for any sweet-lovers at KOI Dessert Bar, owned by Reynold – a very talented dessert lover of Masterchef Australia 2015. You can make a booking with 2 or 3-course desserts or simply grab one of the treats such as vanilla yoghurt pannacotta, nomtella, espresso mousse or coconut mousse.

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Winter is here now, so screen-shot it, save it or share it, so you will not waste time searching for sweet places. Keep yourself warm and indulge in these sugary and rich desserts.


Last modified: July 4, 2016

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