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Come to Australia in 2009. Bachelor of Commerce (major in Finance and Management) at Curtin University Sydney (2009 – 2011). Master of Project Management at Curtin University Sydney (2013-2015). Project Management is imperative and essential skills. One of his favorites quotes: “Be part of the Change you wish to see in the world. Believe in making a difference in the community.”


Thomson is one of the founding delegates and immediate Former President of Council of International Students Australia (CISA). He is a strong believer in “Creativity, Imagination, Savy and Achievement (CISA)”, taking “Why Not” as a motto with strong determination yet enjoy meeting new friends and establishing life long friendship.

It is predictable that with a strong slogan, Thomson became the Vice-President of ASEAN Youth Organisation period 2016 to 2018. Keep on reading further for the story of Thomson’s pathway to get this position through his inspiring words to everyone.

Life journey: Why Australia?

Have a Family’s friend, the area you have a connection, make you feel easier from your home country. Tend to salute and inspire friends who came to Australia without family.


An impressive fact about Thomson is that he can speak FLUENTLY 5 LANGUAGES: English · Mandarin Chinese · Malay · Hokkien · Cantonese · Hainanese. Also, English is the third language.

He confided, on the first days he arrived in Australia, he could not totally get what the tutors said because of their strong Aussie accent. Right after that, as soon as possible, he began improving his English skills by practicing and listening to a lot. He started to involve literally and communicate with local people surrounding and Thomson took years to get who he is now.

Experienced in learning a language and acknowledge its tough, Thomson is very passionate about giving back to the community via knowledge and skills learned via study abroad journey.

* To anyone who is striving to master their language:

“Do feel free to “Drop In, Pop In and Say Hi”!”


There’s no shortcut to any success. Studying a language is an on-going thing.
What important is creating a habit. Nobody said creating a habit is easy. Metaphor as to learn how to ride a bike: the first few step takes much energy, by the time the bike starts moving, there is where the momentum has begun and it no longer requires the similar amount of energy compared to the first few steps.

Let’s start to do it every day: subscribe newspaper and started reading early morning while having breakfast and know what’s happens in Aus, mainstream, SMH, Telegraphs,… hard to network with people when come to an event have a topic to discuss about, read and practice from times to times.
Thomson’s aspiration is to become a politician or diplomat at the same time which gives him a tool to help more people and create changes.11008070_10205291427819481_3214111792837263802_n

* To everyone start building your success:

Plan everything at the beginning
You need to be inspired and empowered. Look up in the future, let’s do it in a team, a group, to support.
A lot of international students are a lack of supports from universities and community in general Join International students societies and feel free to share your problems to receive advice and helps in advance.

No part-time job!

Thomson found himself too hard to get many things done at the same time. So he chose to focus on the key things: studying and master the skills he thinks that are the most necessary ones. Here are some words from a project management student to anyone looking for the key to being good in time-management:

If you think you can combine to do many things at the same time very well, feel confident to do it.
If not, let’s spend more time in your target and less time in other things. Make it perfect, exquisite. Acknowledging yourself, strongly focusing on one thing and practice as much as you can, you will get what you want in the meantime.


To many people, communication skill is the most important, and with Thomson, this philosophy is more crystal than ever. To him, one of the best thing to being an international student in Australia is: have friends from different countries in the world!

Here is a True story: Thomson has been travelling with his family to many places around Asian’s countries, from Vietnam to Thailand and so on, and he enjoyed it because he always has friends whom he has met in Australia hosted him and his family around when they were in their country. Imagine you travel with a local or guided by a local will be much easier and safer, is it?


* Last but not least, to every single one who is still studying:

  • Let’s make mistakes and do not be afraid of MAKING MISTAKES! Making mistakes as much as you can before you leave school because you will learn a lesson from your mistakes, FOR FREE! This is the best time to make mistakes, after that, ever mistakes are risky and counts your success.
  • Do not be afraid of REJECTION. This is what you will learn: the more you are rejected, the more you understand things better and the pros and cons; since then you will be very high-confident (but not over-confident) because you understand yourself and what you can do Tips from Thomson:
  • If you are high-confident, you might not be successful soon, but if you are NOT confident, you will definitely never going to be successful anytime.
    Be humble, be open-minded.


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