Pokemon Go: what’s good, what’s not and what’s ugly

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2016 is a year that will leave its footprint in history. Our future generations will look back at our legacies and think “They had nothing to do, did they?” All jokes aside, this year has fulfilled the dreams and wishes of every Pokemon trainer in the world.

Pokemon been a major part of our childhoods and each of us has wished to have their own unique Poke-squad to challenge and venture with. Thanks to technology we can now do exactly that! Niantic has made a fantastic game which allows players to live a fictional virtual world where we can play as our fictional characters.

The Good:

It forces people to exercise. For real, has there ever in history, existed a game so good that it accidentally makes players exercise? (Emphasis on the unexpectedly).

Tom Yates, a researcher at the University of Leicester, suggests that the new game can ‘ease type 2 diabetes burden.’ He further says that the risk of type 2 diabetes is “widely associated with physical inactivity obesity” and that Pokemon Go “could be an innovative solution for rising obesity levels”. Click here to read more about their findings.


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Pokemon Go is not a game that you can play walking around your house. (Unless you use a drone, that is some next level stuff). A player must walk to Poke Stops to collect Poke balls, potions and step outside to catch Pokemon. This results in lots of exercises. Walking is one of the best ways to get healthy. Additionally, people get the chance to explore new places and areas too. Families have found a good way to bond with each other through the game, proving that both the younger and older generation can enjoy it. In fact, a nursing home in Florida is using the game to unite and connect their senior citizens. It helps them maintain physical activeness and freshen their minds. 

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On a Facebook page titled “Pokemon Go Stories” many people posted stories both positive and negative regarding the game, however, the positive experiences posted by individuals is noticeably larger in number.

Apart from all the benefits listed above, many people happen to find mental health benefits from the game. Many people feel a sense of community while playing, finding an easier way to socialise with people and expand friendships. In an article by Nathan Grayson,the author speaks extensively on how Pokemon Go has assisted him in dealing with his social anxiety. However, it is important to note that Pokemon Go is not a substitute for mental health treatment but just a tool of assistance in dealing with it.

One more thing, as silly and fairy-tale like it may sound, it unites people in a world where division threatens unity. This game has made people more united, created a community where people feel a sense of belonging. It is the most fun way to put aside differences and just be friends enjoying the same things.

However, hold it right there. As wonderful as the game is, nothing is perfect. We must know that with incredible technological advances, we have some people who may be careless or use the advancement for harm rather than good. Although Pokemon Go has provided many benefits, it has also attracted some negativity due to various reasons.

The Bad:

The possibility of accidents while playing are very high, many people have reported injuries, car road hazards, trespassing and more dangerous situations, examples ranging from car crashing into a cop carsomeone being shot at for trespassing, and even a man getting threatened at knife point while playing the game. What’s worse about robberies is, the game has the perfect device to lure in unsuspecting players and find themselves victims. The game has a certain feature where setting an “incense” can attract players and Pokemon. However, robbers have invited players into isolated areas and robbed them while they look for that rare Pikachu.  


The Ugly:

Moreover, finally, what’s the most strange and odd thing about this game is the privacy policy. Pokemon Go has access to your entire Google account. Yes. On top of that, they have the right to provide your information to government officials at any given time and place.

The ugly abt Pokemon GoOne can argue that they collect information for statistical purposes. However, to have access to information of many many people and to have the right to provide whatever information to third parties, one cannot help but wonder why exactly they hold onto the information and if they truly use it only for statistical purposes. I’m not a conspiracy theorist! I just find this something to get suspicious over. I cannot be the only one worried and slightly paranoid by this piece of information.

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So finally after reading on about that, do enjoy this game! Be the best Pokemon adventure destiny calls you to be. However, please do be careful! Happy hunting!


Last modified: August 6, 2016

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