Only 90’s Indonesian and Vietnamese Kids Know It!

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If I am an Indonesian kid from 90s:

I would get excited on Sunday morning for these cartoons on TV


I would buy this kids magazine every week


This Annabelle-looking doll may look creepy to you but for 90’s kids – me, we knew she’s got big dreams


I would have an Umbrella Chocolate Snack in every birthday party


I would eat these for afternoon snack during the school time


I would chew Yosan Bubble Gum every single day


I would draw the exact same landscape more than once

If I am a Vietnamese kid from 90s:

I would check this “Tamagotchi” every single minute

I would skip my lunch nap and play “’Bịt mắt bắt dê” (Blind Man’s Buff) during the break


I would battle “Trò Chơi Câu Cá” with friends all the time, even with parents


I would save money only to buy this


I would have a whole collection of the marbles to play “Bắn bi” game (Marble)

I would wait for the show every single night

Last modified: June 9, 2016

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