6 Best Spots in Sydney to explore

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Need a new place for your next profile pic or running out of photo ideas? Here are five Sydney spots to satisfy your artistic side.

Spice Alley

Recently, this is one of the most popular check-in places and photos of young people living or visiting Sydney!


Spice Alley is a new downtown of a new lifestyle and dining culture on Kensington Street. It is locate in the heart of Sydney CBD, designed by Greencliff. It is filled with delicious and beautiful dishes as well as artistic internal designs. Comprised of interlacing streets inhabited by local modernisers, Chippendale is home to creative businesses, cafes, bars, restaurants and galleries, such as Spice Alley and the Kopi-Tiam, Mekong, KYO-TO, Bar Chinois, Glider KS, KOI Bar Dessert, aMBUSH Gallery, Kensington Contemporary, Spot 81, Galerie pompom, MOP Projects and White Rabbit Gallery. This is a great place welcoming curious visitors, rendezvous with old friends, meeting up with new ones or artists looking for inspiration.

Ash Street

Ash Street Laneway and see a Europe in Sydney. It is one of the most enlighted side streets in Sydney, the little strip of 19th-century buildings is riddled with bars and restaurants. Traveling to Paris and slowly tasting a drink at Ash Street Cellar

Ash St. Cellar (Cre: Merivale)

…or enjoy a classy lunch at Felix Bistro. A casual stroll down this alley will easily turn into a longer stay.

Felix Bistro (Cre: Merivale)

Angel Place

Right around the corner of Ash Street is the attractive Angel Place laneway – an exit from city life and an entrance to Romanesque architecture. The path is a cozy vintage walk with a slice of postmodern street art; all you have to do is look up to see 120 birdcages hanging from the sky, and capture some photos with whatever you have on hand.

Forgetten Songs (Cre: Ted Szukalski Digital Photo Gallery)

Those birdcages are the work of artist Michael Thomas Hill, which used to be an homage to the many species of birds living in the area before urbanization. You can also hear some birdsongs played on nearby speakers and enjoy thoughtful works of art appropriately named “Forgotten Songs.”

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Photographers who are looking for one of the best spots for a million likes with hashtag #sydney or #travel  need to put this place on their checklist now! Rob Potter generously scored this spot 10/10 as an ideal location for landscape and portrait photography with a “unique and very Australian backdrop”.

Cre: Rob Potter

How to get there? Enjoy a walk from the Sydney Opera House, through Botanic Gardens or by public transport from Circular Quay Station. If you are traveling by personal vehicles, there is meter parking on Mrs. Macquarie’s Road.

Best time for a shot? Rob Potter suggested the best photos taken from Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is sunset when the sun is going down behind the Sydney Opera House. However due to the iconic view of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge being so close to each other, this photography location will offer you great photo opportunities all day long.

 The Rocks

The Rocks is an authentic visit place in Sydney. It is one of the premium photography locations for photographers to explore and capture amazing photos of this city.

There are a lot of little cobblestone streets and alleyways in The Rocks. The largest and most frequented is Playfair Street, where The Rocks Markets are held every weekend. However, another one worth visiting is Nurse’s Walk, which is a pathway through Harrington Street and George Street.

Cre: Rob Potter

You can take stunning photos at Dawes Point Park at any time but according to many experienced photographers, the best time to photograph this place is predawn or just after sunset.

Cre: Rob Potter

As you can see from these photos, Dawes Point Park allows you to get up close and personal with the Sydney Harbour Bridge on one side, while another walk away path allows you to photograph across the water and capture the Sydney Opera House.

Farm Cove

This is a beautiful small bay right in the middle of the Botanical Garden. Come over in the early morning and just after sunrise you will have the sun shining straight on the Sydney CBD. Use the walking path as lead-in lines to your main subject, the city.

Cre: Mel365.com

From Farm Cove, you can take unique photos with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge right behind.

Besides, Vivid Sydney is happening and those places may be lighted up at night. Are you excited enough? Set up your cameras and phones, be ready to capture Sydney!

Last modified: June 5, 2016

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