18 Secrets only 90s Kids from Japan and Malysia Know

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if I am a Japanese kid from 90s:

I would never grow up without Doraemon:1

Or Ninia Boys:2

And  Pokemon:


After dinner, my favourite cartoon was Kimba, a little lion tries to break barrier between human and living wildlife:


Magical Girl was my dream for a birthday present or a Christmas gift:


I bought lots of different stickers, roller stamps and temporary tattoos, but I have never used them all:


I skipped my class and sneaked in a computer game shop for this Boong-ga boongga game:



If I am a Malaysian kid from 90s:

I always waited eagerly for getting a Roti-ice cream from an ice-cream man, under the heat weather:27

I had never shared Mamee Monster to anyone in the class because of its tasty:


I collected lots of tiny toys inside these chocolate boxes, just only RM 0.50:


My mom always bought Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy for me after my piano class; a moment when dipping your chocolate coated spoon in the pot of multi-colored rice was insane:


Eyes-glass chocolate candy transformed me into a superhero:


Do I still remember the Nano song?:


I could finish one stack in 10 minutes:


It took me ages to decide which flavours I want to get:19

I tried to avoid the stones landing on my face while throwing it up high. Batu Seremban


No one could compete with me in this battle as an eraser collection of international flags was my proud:

15Source:  Amulet Forums

I practiced typing through Mario Teaches Typing program in primary school:


Source:  Reddit

Dash Yonkuro:11

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