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Sydney was raining cats and dogs over the first weekend of June 2016, but it was extremely heated at the ‪#‎YOUthCANLEAD Youth Leadership Conference, organized by City of Sydney and ISLA. It was a fantastic full day event with leadership activities, honored guest panel and, last but not least, the mind-blowing Human Sound Project. I was kindly invited by VOIS Magazine to experience the Youth Leadership Conference and learn what it means to be a great leader.

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The speakers shared their experiences as successful young adults. They said, among other pieces of wisdom, that a leader must be able to listen to people. Participating in group games also fostered thoughts about myself: “What are your capabilities?”, “What sort of leader do you want to be?” and “How can you optimize yourself to lead better?” It was a game in which we had to raise our creative visions to think of ideas that could help develop the community.


The Human Sound Project‎ was the most spectacular finale. The lyrics were composed by words related to leadership that each group had brainstormed during the day. By singing and moving, we released our internal power and were unified by our motivation to lead.


At first, we had no clue how the program worked. However, after following the instructions, everyone was surprised at the amazing audio their performance created. If anyone attended VIVID on the 10th of June, VIVID: The Human Sound Project – Interactive Song Making Experiences will give you an idea of how the project was run by such a large group.

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This was the first ever conference I have joined, and it was an impressive introduction. Despite the severe weather, ISLA remained professional and organized, even providing a hotline phone number in case there were any issues. I met old friends and made new ones, networked and took photos to save the moments. It was a great break after a hectic week of assignments and a heavy workload.


As I sat in the heart of Sydney, among more than a hundred students from nationalities such as America, African and Japanese, it reminded me of the reason I chose Australia to study – multi-culture. I realized that this event was also successful in teaching me one last lesson: that leadership was also about connecting people with different personalities together.


I would send a heartwarming thank you to the City of Sydney for creating such an enjoyable experience. It has helped young people have more faith in themselves, widen their knowledge and network and start to be successful leaders of the future. I am looking forward to more events from the City of Sydney or ISLA as equally as extraordinary as this one.

YOUth can lead!

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Last modified: July 19, 2016

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