Missing Piece likely to be from MH370 found in Mozambique

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Earlier, the US television channel NBC reported some debris found on the East African coast between Mozambique and Madagascar. There is speculation that it may be from the infamous Boeing 777 used by Malaysia Airlines on the 8th of March, two years ago. The aircraft had mysteriously disappeared while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 passengers and crew in total. .

Information on the second piece of debris found at Reunion Island came just days after a US surveyor detected some material 2.1 km away from Reunion Island in Mozambique waters. The 3 m long object was sent to Australia by the Malaysian Minister, Liow Tiong Lai, for analysis.

Malaysia Minister Of Transport – Liow Tiong Lai, on 2/3/2016 said there were pieces from a wreckage that was highly probable to be from a Boeing 777. The Boeing 777 was the aircraft that Malaysia Airlines had used during missing flight MH370.

Aircraft debris was found in Mozambique there is a high probability of a Boeing 777 of the flight MH370 (Photo: NBC News)

Photo: NBC News

On Twitter, Liow Tiong Lai says: “Based on initial reports, there is a high possibility the debris found in Mozambique belongs to Boeing Model 777”. However, he also stressed that some of the wreckage pieces found were still “untested and [confirmed].”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Australia Darren Chester said the location where the materials were found had the same details and bearing number as the MH370 aircraft.

In a statement, the Minister Darren Chester said: “The location of the debris consistent with the hypothesis that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau launched and reaffirmed that Australia turn to search MH370 in the southern Indian coast Indian Ocean “.

(Photo: AFP - Australian Transport Safety Bureau/Blaine Gibson)

Photo: AFP – Australian Transport Safety Bureau/Blaine Gibson

The information above is given only a few days before the two year anniversary date of the missing MH370 aircraft. The investigators thought that the aircraft was on its way south before crashing into the Indian Ocean. However, so far the search teams have not yet been able to localize where the plane crashed and the cause of the accident has yet to be launched.

According to the original, in Momzambique fragments could be part of the stabilizer of the aircraft. If confirmed, this would be the second fragment is found from the plane bearing number MH370 Malaysia Airlines.

Source: AFP

Last modified: March 13, 2016

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