Changes in Student Visa from 1st July 2016

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Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced a new change for student visa application, starting from 1st July 2016.

There will be only one student visa when studying in Australia as visa subclass 500 no matter the differences of your study field.

So after 1st July 2016, when you apply for student visa for your Master degree, you will hold student visa subclass 500. If someone was to apply for a Bachelor degree, they will also have the same visa subclass as yours.

Your family members, who may want to join you in Australia during your study period, will also hold the visa subclass 500 after the 1st July 2016.

Students, holding a current visa subclass from 570 to 576, will remain valid and the change will not impact on the conditions and rights of the current visa status.

For more information please check BORDER.GOV.AU or email VOIS for assistance.

Last modified: May 24, 2016

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