A Nurturing Journey named Univative Competition Part 2

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Univative is the competition running from April-July each year, with the active management occurring in June and July. Participating organisations provide a realistic business problem for teams of 4 – 6 students to solve. At the end of July, a final report is produced, followed by a presentation of their proposal to a panel of judges from the host organisation.”

 A Nurturing Journey named Univative Competition Part 1 have already introduced the three amazing participants, Palak Jayswal, Hiba Shimlawala and Grace Kim are also three talented girls in Univative 2015.

Palak Jayswal -Dentsu Aegis Network Team

I am a third year student of Bachelor of Applied Finance with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce-Professional Accounting. It  was an incredible experience to join Univative. There were some days when it  was hard to understand each others idea but in the end, I think it all comes down to patience.

There were 2 international team members and the ideas that they came up with were nothing  us domestic students would have be able to come up with. I learned that everyone had their own specialty. While some were good with ideas, others were good at writing etc, which is what I believe team work is about – hiding one person’s weakness with another strength. Univative was the best decision of my life.

Hiba Shimlawala –Red Balloon Team

I am an international student from Pakistan studying a Bachelor of Commerce.  I participated in Univative to gain real work experience with renowned companies. Our team didn’t win but I still consider ourselves winners; we gave it our best shot considering we had so many other commitments like work and internships.

I am very proud about the fact that we were able to pull off a decent presentation. Even though there were minor mishaps, a few squabbles along the way, we learnt to make it through and respected each other every step of the way. Univative nurtured me with confidence and skills needed for next projects.

 Grace Kim- The Salvation Army Team

I am second year student of Bachelor of Arts/ Commerce, participating in Univative, my team and I worked on developing new programs for The Streetlevel Mission: The Salvation Army.

I participated in Univative to complement the theory learned in studies with practical experience. Univative improved my practical skills in report writing and public speaking along with enhancing teamwork. I was inspired by drive and commitment and talent evident in the participants. It was a great opportunity to work with international students. I found that having experienced different styles of education, they brought new perspectives, innovative ideas and were great to work with.

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