10 things that happen when you eat only halal food

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Halal food is becoming increasingly common in Australia due to multiculturalism. However, it isn’t readily available in every single place you set your eyes on. And when that is the deal, it’s quite challenging for us Muslims in many aspects. So come and look at the world through our eyes as we explain to you 10 things that most likely happen in daily life if you eat only halal food.

A working definition of Halal: Food prepared according to rules prescribed by Muslim Law. Alcohol and pork are forbidden as well.

1)You cant go clubbing. Clubbing means alcohol and alcohol is a no no.


2) You always have to make sure there are vegetarian options when you go outside with friends: sometimes a trip to mcdonalds results in your friends gulping down meat burgers while you have a lil pack of chips.

vege awks

3) The halal symbol on restaurant menus is the absolute definition of happiness. Especially when it’s in places you wouldn’t expect.

tears of joy

4) You cannot have those sophisticated dishes with wine in them. Wine is also a no no.


5) When you go to an event that has free catering  your favorite dishes. But…they aren’t Halal. So while internally crying, you have the vegetable pizza instead of the chicken supreme.


6) Halal convenience foods are fairly uncommon, so you have to make your meat dishes from scratch (fresh from the butcher’s). We also don’t have the luxury of buying 2-dollar-ready-made-chicken-alfredo-pasta-that-only-needs-microwaving from woollies.


7) Halal food can be pretty expensive so really contemplate whether you value protein in your diet or your already thinning wallet. (Always pick protein in your diet)


8) Sometimes going out with friends means you don’t have much choice apart from vegetables, and vegetables aren’t enough for your growing, omnivorous body.

kitty kat and vegetables

9) You want dessert, but you have no idea if there’s alcohol in it. And you silently watch and drool over your friends who are enjoying themselves with their yummy, delectable, decadent desserts.


10) When you’re ready to eat your candy and someone hits you with “There’s gelatin in it” and you just

Wit all that being said, here is a list of restaurants around the CBD area where you can enjoy yourself a bit of halal food.

  1. Its Time for Thai
  2. Mamak
  3. PappaRich
  4. Jaipur Sweets
  5. Kungfu Ramen
  6. Ipoh on York
  7. Neptune Palace Restaurant
  8. Malay Village
  9. Malacca Strait


Sure, we not be able to enjoy the restaurants as much as our non Muslim friends friends, but at the end of the day, if the company is good, we enjoy ourselves either-way. And it wouldn’t hurt to stop by a halal food restaurant on the way back either 😉

By Sumaiyah Tasneem and Nurafiqah Yosuf.

Last modified: May 2, 2016

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