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World Press Photo 2016 is a global exhibition showcasing the best visual journalism of the past year. Compelling photos are displayed in the State Library of New South Wales until the 19th of June. I urge you to visit the impressive library and the exhibition. But a fair warning, some photos are graphic so viewer discretion is advised.

The atmosphere at the exhibition was silent and reflective. The photos felt emotional and raw, bringing to life the phrase “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. The photos brought to life some of the remotest parts of the world, such as the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Tibetan Buddhists would travel to this place for the week-long Bliss Dharma Assembly. Photos of the earthquake that hit Nepal were also featured. These were some of the most emotional photos I had ever seen, apart from photos of the refugee crisis.


The Larung Gar Buddhist Academy at Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture celebrating the week-long Bliss Dharma Assembly


Some of the devastating shots after the massive earthquake that hit Nepal


Some of the devastating shots after the massive earthquake that hit Nepal

Beautiful shots of nature, as well as some of the bloody truths of the world, are on display. They remind us to acknowledge that even though some of these issues don’t affect us directly, it will surely affect us in the long-run both personally and as a species. News of devastating events such as the earthquake in Nepal, the refugee crisis, or police brutality becomes much more real because you can’t simply change the channel and pretend things like that aren’t happening.


Shots of the current state of some of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas as a result of police shootings


Some of the less gory photos of the refugee crisis, including the famous one where Syrian refugees designate a chair for each member of the family that they’ve lost


Racism is not a thing of the past and it is still a heated topic in America

But, not all photos that were displayed were of devastation. There were shots of sports such as basketball, ski-jump, and synchronized swimming.

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Photos of cultural traditions such as the feast of Las Mayas were included as well.


Life at the Antarctic was also captured, truly reminding us that there is life just about anywhere.


It is important to remember that though these shots are beautiful, they are more than art. They are real people, real photographers, who sometimes risk their lives to showcase the truth. These are real issues and each shot tells a story. This exhibition connects us with each other because empathy is universal.

“World Press Photo’s prestigious Photo of the Year was awarded to this evocative image of a Syrian man handing his baby through barbed wire as he crossed the border from Serbia into Hungary It was captured in August 2015 by Warren Richardson, the first Australian to win World Press Photo’s top honours!” (taken from The State Library of NSW Facebook page)

So please, visit the exhibition and see for yourself these compelling images because the photos featured in this article do not do them any justice. The library opens at 9am Monday – Friday and 10am Saturday – Sunday.

Last modified: May 31, 2016

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