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Romance, suspense and plot-twist- Murder 3

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Since exams are over, its finally time to seek or some real entertainment, which basically is like procrastination except there is no work to worry about and you have no sense of guilt whatsoever. So if you are in the mood for a different sort of experience, then I have just the movie for you. Murder 3 is probably a bit of a misleading title as it has very little to do with murder or a third one. (My jokes are top notch eh?) This film, starts off as a typical Bollywood romance. It proceeds with the same cliches and seemingly predictable plot which is likely and expected in Bollywood. But wait. Just give it time. As you keep watching the movie, it transforms from an ordinary love story to something different with an unpredictable plot twist.  The suspense and tension will induce continuous adrenaline and keep you at the edge of your seat. The only setback of his movie would be that it shows too much of the uninteresting plot and drags on unnecessarily for too long until it gets on with the good juicy bits. So this is one of those films that start off boring and the plot progression is a little slow. But trust me, when you get to the absolute peak of it, you’ll be glued to your screen. A must watch for people who love dramatic plot twists. But if you aren’t a native Hindi speaker, watch the movie with subtitles! Have a great post exam movie/TV drama marathon/binge!


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